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Simple keys open big doors. This is one such key.     B = P x Cw

The Behavior wanted is equal to the Person times the Climate in which they work.

Tell us the behaviors you want in your organization…and we’ll show you how to get them.

Intentional WorkClimate™ -- Our Flagship Process

The Intentional WorkClimate™ is our enabling platform and the foundation of all BoldWork. Our ultimate goal is to help your organization create a healthy, Intentional WorkClimate where the personal experience of work is optimized, engagements are enriched and performance potential is maximized. Our aim is to positively increase your bottom line by as much as 30%.

What is Work Climate?

Work climate is an individual’s personal experience of work, a subjective experience based on their perception. Our individual perception of “how things are” at work impacts our ability to perform at our highest potential. It also impacts how well we engage with others.

Through 25 years of in-field, hands-on work, we have created a unique process we use to facilitate a healthy work climate. Research – and our experience – demonstrates that when work climate is intentionally created and managed, people maximize their performance and engage in more productive collaboration. We stand behind our Intentional WorkClimate™ and guarantee that we can help you become an employer of choice.

How to Access Intentional WorkClimate™

You can access our Intentional WorkClimate™ (IWC) in four easy ways:

  1. Introduction to IWC – Through a half day presentation, we’ll introduce you to the power and positive impact a healthy work climate has on your business or organization. This presentation is an excellent choice for a business meeting, conference or off-site and we can customize the presentation to align with current issues and challenges your staff is facing. 
  2. Consultation & Diagnosis – We assess a segment of an organization, division, business unit or work group and provide you with an initial profile of the current state of your work climate.
  3. Facilitation – Expert facilitation focuses on a targeted work climate of an executive team or high-leverage work group. Includes measurement and a 6 month and 12 month Intentional WorkClimate™ program to create a healthy work climate.
  4. Education Through one and two day workshops, we provide leadership with an awareness and an assessment sampling of the current state of their IWC and focus on how leaders can coach and sustain a vital, Intentional WorkClimate™ in the face of day-to-day work realities.

Certification in Intentional WorkClimate

We certify qualified professionals in the facilitation of Intentional WorkClimate™. Certified professionals are able to deliver the basic IWC ClearSky Program for businesses and organizations. They also become life-long members of our IWC Community of Practice.  

The 8 Critical Feedback Loops

We use research-based, field-tested resources to create and sustain a healthy, Intentional WorkClimate™.  We’ve divided these resources into 8 areas, each of which positively contributes to an organization’s work climate. We call these 8 areas Feedback Loops. Each of these Feedback Loops has a theme, fundamental to effective, successful human behavior. These feedback loops can be accessed individually, in any order.

Adaptation & Learning

Adaptation & Learning 

To unleash BoldWork, a person/group must value and commit to a lifetime of continuous learning and demonstrate a deliberate practice to Learn-Unlearn-Relearn. Learning allows us to stay ahead of the game – and our competition. It allows us to innovate and achieve our goals, no matter how challenging. Learning helps us develop our competence and adapt to change. Learning keeps us relevant.

BoldWork Learning-Print

Over time, every individual develops a preference for the way they learn. This program identifies a broad cluster of these preferences to create an individual’s unique “Learning Print”. We encourage participants to “go with their strengths”, to know and leverage their preferred way of learning, unlearning and relearning. Other benefits include:

  • Understanding and applying a composite Group Learning Print helps work groups and teams improve  their collaborative problem solving and decision-making.
  • Individuals can leverage their Individual Learning Print to focus and energize their Professional Development Plans.
  • Coaching engagements are more effective as new skills and knowledge are incorporated to drive behavioral change.

Building the Resiliency Muscle

Relentless change. Increasing expectations. Economic uncertainty. Changing roles, values and cultures. Limited resources. The business world has always been challenging, but now we must cope with fast-paced, unpredictable change. To be successful in this environment, we must boost our resilience and maintain our reserves. Learn the seven factors that make up resilience and tips on how to boost them. This workshop includes exercises, ideas and new ways of thinking – everything you need to face the challenges of everyday work life and bounce back.


To unleash BoldWork, we need to build competence in our ability to communicate with others.  Through the words we choose, the interaction styles we adopt and our capacity for social and emotional intelligence, we begin to create effective alliances and relationships with other individuals and groups in our work world.

Communication – A Platform for Doing BoldWork™

Optimize your ability to communicate. The Process Communication Model (PCM)® is unmatched in its ability to predict human behavior and facilitate effective communication. Originally developed for use by NASA, PCM is the only model that focuses on “in the moment” communication. PCM gives you a tool that helps you modify your own communication style to work more effectively with others, prevent misunderstandings and avoid inadvertently pushing the other person’s buttons. Learn to recognize and manage distress – in yourself and others – and successfully return to productive dialogue. PCM is a “must-have” skill for those difficult conversations. Participants in this workshop receive their own individualized profiles, which includes their strengths, stressors and preferred channels of communication.

Coaching Communication

As a coach, apply the basic principles of the Process Communication Model® to your coaching sessions. Recognize the preferred channels of communication for each client. Identify and understand the unique communication patterns of your clients, and then adapt to those patterns to coach more effectively. Redirect negative behaviors into positive performance and purpose. In this workshop, coaches receive their own individualized profiles, along with the profiles for all 6 personality types.

Mental Models 

To unleash BoldWork, we need to clarify our thinking skills, build strength in critical, creative and innovative thinking, and then be able to turn this thinking into action. Mental models are subtle and powerful. Subtle because people are usually unaware of the effect mental models have on their lives. And powerful because they determine what we pay attention to, which helps determine what actions we take. Left unchallenged, our mental models cause us to see what we have always seen - the same needs, the same problems, the same opportunities – and to do what we have always done, leading to the same results. Our programs help participants challenge their habitual ways of thinking and doing, which leads to a greater ability to identify and solve problems and to manage change.

Rediscover Your Creativity & Boldly Go Where You Haven’t Gone Before

According to a recent IBM study, CEOs now cite creativity as the most important leadership quality for success in business, surpassing integrity and global thinking. We’ll teach you how to use tools and techniques that result in an enhanced ability to ask insightful questions and open up a world of possibilities. In the service of keeping your WorkClimate and bottom line healthy, you’ll want to tap into the creative genius of every member of your organization.

Improvisationally Thinking

Businesses and organizations are fast-changing entities where quick reactions to a competitor’s strategy and pre-emptive strikes are the norm. Being able to think and act improvisationally is becoming a core competency for today’s leaders. But improvisation is more than being able to think on your feet. It’s also about being open to the ideas of others and building on those ideas. Improvisation provides a fundamental understanding that change inspires new ideas and it gives us the ability to move forward in the face of ambiguity. Harness your ability to act in the moment during the most stressful of times. Shine while others choke. We’ll show you how to link “Yes And”, along with other fundamentals of improvisation, to your everyday work life.

Challenging Our Mental Models at Work

This provocative workshop challenges participants to examine the habitual ways they think and do their work every day. This workshop is customized for your organization. What problems do you want to solve…what challenges do you want to tackle…through different ways of thinking and doing?


Influence & Power

To unleash BoldWork in the workplace, we need to be skilled in the use of influence and power. Not too long ago, the typical manger was the absolute ruler of his/her department. Today, organizations value consensus and collaboration. In successful companies, command and control are out. Influence and persuasion are in. Effectively exercising power involves the right framing, careful presentation and, most importantly, the strategic use of influence. To optimize your capacity to ‘get things done through others’, we’ll help you learn how to employ these subtle but critical skills.

The Power Motive Drive & Leadership

Some 60 years ago, ground breaking research from Harvard Business School opened the doors to new ways of understanding and managing the human drive for power and influence. Since then, this history-making research has been taught in every top tier university and business school throughout the world.  This highly experiential workshop will help you understand how the “drive for power” is the key to outstanding leadership in today’s challenging workplace. Participants receive results from the PSE Questionnaire, which provides a graphical snapshot of their own unique motive drive profile. The PSE was pioneered at Harvard Business School and remains a powerful indicator of leadership potential.

Conflict: Opportunity for Discovery

Although conflict is traditionally seen as having a negative impact on an organization, at BoldWork we believe conflict – when managed effectively – can be an opportunity for discovery. Research shows that a certain amount of healthy conflict surfaces “undiscussables”, encourages dialogue and drives achievement. When healthy conflict is suppressed, achievement goes down. Conflict offers the chance to influence others to explore their differences skillfully, which can pave the way towards understanding and resolution. In addition to identifying their own conflict style, participants will assess conflict situations and practice managing real work conflicts.

In the Presence of Women: Why Social Evolution, Language and Influence Matter

This is an introduction to the complex and evolutionary language and power styles women use to engage in the world of work. Drawing on research from such notables at Evelyn Murphy, Lisa Lahey, David McClelland, Susan Murphy and Pat Heim, we look at the working relationships women build and why these relationships tend to polarize and become dysfunctional if left unmanaged. Unfortunately, it’s not just the “glass ceiling” that can sabotage a woman’s success - it’s also other women. Gender and social evolution have gifted women with a unique leadership and influence style. It’s vital that we understand it. Conditions in the world today are ripe for the emergence of women leaders – to be effective and influential, women need to honor their unique style.



To unleash BoldWork is to accurately identify, acquire and adapt the critical success factors that drive exceptional competence, develop talent and foster professional success…all of which contribute to a healthy bottom line.

Critical Competency Profiles

We are experts in creating critical competency profiles. Through interviews and observations, we uncover key behaviors to outstanding performance in your organization. Once we identify these behaviors, we generate a critical competency profile that is proprietary to your company. In others words, what does “superior performance” look like in your company? Using a proprietary competency profile helps you avoid costly hiring mistakes. It helps identify professional development needs and aids in getting and giving focused performance feedback. Ultimately, a proprietary critical competency profile provides the ideal snapshot of what it takes to be successful in your organization.

In addition to creating these proprietary critical competency profiles, we also teach qualified in-house individuals how to create them.

Leadership & Development Assessments

We utilize a number of carefully selected assessment instruments and questionnaires to support professional development. We choose instruments with substantial history and proven integrity. Our goal in using assessments is to guide our clients toward greater insight and understanding of their behavior as well as greater clarity about how others perceive them. This insight and understanding drives behavior change which drives professional effectiveness. In addition to our own proprietary WorkClimate Survey and 360 Assessment, we use a number of well-respected assessment instruments, including:

  • California Psychological Inventory: CPI 434, CPI 260
  • Firo-B
  • Myers-Briggs (all formats)
  • Strong Inventory
  • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict
  • Taylor-Johnson Assessment (T-JTA)
  • Adjectives Checklist

FIT: Optimizing the Critical Moment of Selection

Effective talent management links directly to your organization’s success. At BoldWork, we go beyond the traditional elements of talent management programs and focus on the 4 critical moments in the talent management system that impact your entire talent pool. We show you how to link behavioral anchors of critical competencies to selection decisions. We introduce you to our unique system of “in-boarding” to help you manage the transition of new talent into a work group’s unique dynamic. When it comes to hiring, we help you predict future performance and increase your accuracy in making the right decision for your business or organization, saving you time and money.

In-Boarding Your Talent

While everyone focuses on the importance of “on-boarding” people into organizations, at BoldWork we concentrate on a process that’s more significant – the entry of new leadership or new group members into the dynamics of an already high-performing work group. You spend precious time and money choosing the right candidate for your business – we’ll help you maintain optimized performance by showing you how to skillfully integrate new talent into your organization.


Goal Achievement 

To unleash BoldWork requires the ability to drive and direct goal achievement. Over 90% of all research in Goal Setting connects writing specific, challenging goals to higher levels of motivation and performance. Goal Setting is a skill to master and a discipline to practice throughout a professional life.  

Skilled Goal Setting for Individuals and Groups

Most people say that setting goals is important. And yet, 80% of people don’t follow through and actually set them. Even when they do, the vast majority don’t attain them. Why? The number one reason people fail to achieve their goals is that they don’t know how to effectively set them, track them and hold themselves accountable for reaching them. At BoldWork, if you follow our process, we guarantee you’ll achieve what you set out to do. Participants in this workshop leave with a completed goal sheet.

Creating and Managing an Individual Development Plan

An Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a highly effective tool individuals can use to achieve their learning goals and advance professionally. The word “plan” is key. The success of IDPs is grounded solidly in concrete, measurable behavioral change. And that change only comes about through the use of a successful plan. We have over 20 years of experience in designing, coaching and helping people attain professional development goals based on their IDPs. We’ll show you how we do that.

Transitions, Change & Coaching   

In business, making any prediction is perilous. But one thing we know for sure. When it comes to change, over the next few years it’s going to be relentless. Companies that understand the dynamics of change and adapt quickest to emerging business environments are the businesses most likely to prosper. At BoldWork, we know that managing change builds the stamina and resiliency required to create and sustain a healthy WorkClimate. We also know that navigating complex transitions and sustaining the changes we seek may call upon the support and partnership of a professional BoldWork Coach.

BoldWork™ Coaching – A Measurable Model

Most certified coaches are trained in a very client-centered model. This common model is an excellent foundation, but has limitations. And there’s no way of knowing what ROI you’re receiving. At BoldWork, we’ve developed a unique coaching model, one that is research-based, behavioral in orientation and, most importantly, provides results you can measure, using our proprietary Intentional WorkClimate™ Questionnaire.

BoldWork™ Triad Coaching

For organizations that want to build a coaching culture for a fraction of the cost of traditional one-on-one engagement, BoldWork will structure and mentor coaching triads. The use of triads, with assigned roles, allows for the unique energies of group dynamics to form and provides the framework and strengths that typically propel high achievement groups to sustained success. Members of your organization focus on solving real work problems.

BoldWork™ in Leadership Transitions

Change is situational – a new location, a new policy, a new leader. Transition is the process people go through to manage a new situation and it can be one of the most challenging for an organization or work group. Even when a change in leadership is perceived as positive, bringing a new leader into your work group or team still creates “downtime”, resulting in sub-optimized performance. Unless this transition to new leadership is proactively managed, the group’s dynamic regresses to its original “forming” stage of development. We can show you how to significantly reduce this downtime and minimize group regression to maintain high performance. We’ll save you time and money and optimize team cohesion.

Networking and Community of Practice

At BoldWork, we believe in building an active, broad network of professional relationships through our website, blog, e-newsletter and informal get-togethers. Our “community of practice” is comprised of people who share a concern or passion for something they do and are always looking for better or different ways to do it. And they want to share their knowledge with others. We seek to remain mentors to those who have earned certification in our Intentional WorkClimate™ program and look forward to learning from their experiences.

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