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Meet your BoldWork team. Simply put, we partner with you for success.

Kris Campbell, founder and managing partner of BoldWork, has more than 20 years of experience in the combined fields of Organizational and Behavioral Effectiveness. She is an expert in how leaders and work groups create, manage and sustain a productive work climate that optimizes performance. Kris is the author of the Intentional WorkClimate System and certifies other consultants, coaches and OD professionals to advance the knowledge and practice of WorkClimate’s impact on performance effectiveness. She is adept in creating proprietary competency profiles and in the use of assessment in talent management. A seasoned Executive Coach and skilled facilitator, Kris blends a broad base of knowledge and experience in the behavioral sciences to support and counsel people to be agents of their own BoldWork. She holds a BA from the University of Missouri - Columbia and a Masters Degree in Psychology from Pepperdine University in Los Angeles. Kris also maintains a private practice as a therapist, working with professionals to develop healthy, productive connections to their work/life balance.


Jennie Ayers, senior partner with BoldWork, transitioned into the field of human systems after several years in the entertainment industry. Her expertise in the art of improvisation, honed during a career as a comedy writer for television, helps leaders and work groups build their ability to think improvisationally, be creative and adapt to change. Jennie is the author of “An Improv State of Mind”, a field guide which helps individuals and teams improve communication and interpersonal performance. As an experienced, certified coach, she focuses on building more effective communication, influence and leadership skills. To further strengthen coaching engagements, Jennie introduces her clients to the Process Communication Model, originally developed for NASA, the only communications model that looks at communication “in the moment”. She is also a trained HealthRHYTHMS facilitator. This fascinating, cutting-edge field developed by a neurobiologist blends biology and performance to help create more effective work groups. Jennie holds a BA from the University of Missouri-Columbia and completed work on her Masters Degree at San Francisco State University.


Janice Criddle, Principal with BoldWork, draws on more than 20 years of solid experience in Human Resources, Employee Relations, Training and Development and Customer Service. In-depth knowledge and her direct, straightforward style make Janice a sought-after consultant, coach and facilitator when clients need to assimilate expertise across these pivotal areas of organizational success. Janice is expert in creating proprietary learning experiences and is active in the design and delivery of two programs particularly critical to business success in a global economy: Diversity in the Workplace (including the Generational Divide) and Conflict Management. In addition to her coaching certification, Janice is also certified in Dr. Taibi Kahler’s Process Communication Model.


Rebecca Ripley, Principal with BoldWork, is a popular speaker, facilitator and co-author of the book, “Winning by Thinking Around”, a pocket book on creativity. With more than 20 years of experience in managing organizational climate and change, leadership coaching, creativity and innovation, Beck uses her diverse experience base to provide a unique, value-added perspective to a range of clients such as Pandora Jewelry, Pfizer, Fed Ex, Whirlpool, Moen and Bank of America. She has taught executive development and training and development courses for Johns Hopkins University and personnel management courses for both Tulane University and the University of New Orleans. Beck holds an MS Degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.


Kurt Mueller: As Special Project Support with BoldWork, Kurt focuses on executive coaching with leaders who are "doing well, and seek to further maximize their potential". He adds to this expertise by linking his coaching to the critical competencies for key leadership positions and is an expert in design and training to support competency based pay systems. Kurt is also a seasoned IWC Facilitator of BoldWork's Intentional WorkClimate™ process. He serves as a senior adjunct instructor for the University of Redlands, teaching courses in managerial assessment, organizational behavior and leadership. Kurt is the recipient of the Alfred North Whitehead Award for Teaching Excellence.


What Our Clients Say about Our BoldWork Programs:

“For ten years, I’ve been asking myself, ‘How do I motivate my people?’ I don’t have to ask that anymore. Through the Intentional WorkClimate System, I now know the capacity work climate has to release all the energy and motivation my team has – and myself as well!”   ~ Manager, Health Care Company, Seattle, WA

“Finally I’ve found something that puts both men and women on my team on a level playing field. Practicing improvisational thinking teaches us that everyone’s ideas have merit, everyone’s input is valuable. My work group is more open and energized and we’re generating a lot more ideas.”
~ Manager, Customer Service, Santa Monica

“Being able to identify and understand the different personality types with regard to communication is going to help immensely in my work.” ~ Ron C., Police Sergeant

“This coaching workshop is definitely going to make me a better listener and a better coach. Learning how to have meaningful conversations with my employees is going to make my job – and theirs – easier.”
~ Ron W., Director, Hospital Services

“Thank you so much for providing an excellent Creativity workshop. The evaluations echoed my personal reactions. Participants found the information useful, stimulating and enjoyed themselves while learning. Your style is warm and friendly, your knowledge of the topic and preparation were evident and your tempo was right on target.”   ~ Director, United Way of Central Maryland

“Our facilitator was concise and thorough in terms of her presentation and format. She was easy to follow and knowledgeable on the subject matter. Janice made the seminar interesting and fun and I would highly recommend her to my colleagues.” ~ Aggie R., Director of Sales & Service, HP

“Thank you for a very enlightening and empowering day. You’ve given me an invaluable tool on how to effectively manage and interact with my writing staff.” ~ Joanne M., Writer-Producer

“When Kris talked to us about WorkClimate and making it an integral part of our everyday work, I knew this was something that could really work for me – no smoke and mirrors. I could immediately see – oh yeah, that’s how we’ll use this next week.” ~ District Mgr., Food Service, Orange County, CA

“I was skeptical that something like improvisation would really be useful. I thought it was too ‘out there’. But when we got bogged down in a recent meeting, trying to come up with a solution to a problem, we used a couple of the techniques Jennie introduced us to…and they worked! We solved the problem, going in a direction none of us had considered before.” ~ Director, Utility Company, St. Louis, MO

“After the presentation, I went back to work and realized that I was looking at my work and the people I work with in a new way. I began to see WorkClimate everywhere, in everything we did.”
~ Director, Health Care Company, Minneapolis, MN

“The information on motive drive was a big eye opener, very valuable in understanding both my own behavior and that of others. I will definitely use this on my next staff job.” ~ Jim N., Writer

“Role playing with sample scenarios relevant to my day-to-day work was great practice. And I really enjoyed the one-on-one time.” ~ Alison R., Clinic Manager, Regional Health Center

“Beck, yours was truly an excellent program. Your content and delivery was one of the best we have had for one of our Business Update Luncheons. “ ~ Vice President, University Bank

“Attending this workshop has been extremely beneficial to me. The theories and principles were relevant and timely. Janice went to great lengths to ensure a clear understanding of the practical application of these concepts in the workplace.” ~ Michael C., COO, Entertainment Company

“Finally, I understand my own communication style and the style of others and how to leverage both to communicate more effectively.” ~ Al S., VP, Customer Service, Auto Industry

“I’m so glad this wasn’t another ‘talking-head’ presentation. Janice provided excellent information while involving the audience, making it interactive and interesting.” ~ Pernell H., Group Manager, HP

“Becky is one of the best leaders I have encountered during seminars. She is concise, thorough, humorous, personable and extremely knowledgeable.” ~ Supervisor, Pitney-Bowes

“This program far surpassed my expectations. Excellent!” ~ Manager, Whirlpool

“Becky was enjoyable and innovative in her approach. She easily held our attention. The tools and ideas she shared can be readily implemented in my own work environment.”  ~ Manager, U.S. Cold Storage

“The breakout sessions were extremely useful and the sample scenarios, geared specifically to our organization, were very effective.” ~ Jane S., Director, Health Information Management


ARV Assisted Living Facilities
Blue Shield of California
Boone Hospital Center
CalFed Bank
Central Bank of Lebanon
Child Care Aware® of Missouri
Collins Foods International, Inc.
Continuous Software, Inc.
Disney-Partners Federal Credit Union
El Pollo Loco, Inc.
Girl Scout Council Central California Coast
Heart of the Ozarks Professional & Business Women of Missouri
IO Labs/Johnson & Johnson
Lake Regional Health System
Long Beach Mortgage Co.
Medica Health Systems
Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Missouri Ethics Commission
Missouri State Employees' Retirement System
Panda Inns, Inc.
Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP (Global Law Firm)
Poms & Associates Insurance Brokers, Inc.
Premera Health Systems/Blue Cross of Washington & Alaska
Sizzler Restaurants
Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG)
Spencer, Shenk, Capers & Associates, Inc.
St. Louis Veterans Administration
The Federal Reserve Board
The Zenith Insurance Company
Well Point Health System
Weider, Inc.
Weyerhauser Mortgage
Weyerhauser Insurance Services
Woman 2 Woman
Writers Guild of America, West


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